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The Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture (CCCC) is a non-profit organization which aims to promote Chinese culture, advance the status of Chinese-Americans, and promote US-China relationship through Chinese language education, publication, and cultural exchange. It provides various programs to the greater Boston area, including Chinese-English preschool, Chinese after-school,Weekend school, and Summer school.

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波士顿地区将举行系列活动庆祝十.一。请点击此处 阅读详情。
剑桥签证服务社将在10/25/2014和10/26/2014办理签证服务。请点击此处 阅读详情。
剑桥中国文化中心将承办第三届“海外华裔青少年中华文化大赛”知识竞赛大波士顿地区的考点,考试时间定于10月11日星期六上午10点举行。请点击此处 阅读详情。
由中国华文教育基金会主办的中文教师培训课程:汉语课堂教学方法与技巧将于8月20日在剑桥中国文化中心举行。请点击此处 阅读详情。
由中国华文教育基金会主办,中国北京四中网校和美国波士顿剑桥中国文化中心协办的远程中文教师培训课程将于7月18日开始。请点击此处 阅读详情。
CCCC will host End of School Year Celebration & Graduation Ceremony on June 8, 2014. Please click here for details.

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