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The CCCC decided to set up a summer online course in 2020 (7/12/2020- 8/30/2020, 8 weeks in total). The class will be held on Sunday. The Chinese class will introduce fun Chinese culture suitable for students' level , e.g. Chinese characters, ancient poetry, idiom stories, etc. The students will learn Chinese in an easy and happy environment . There will also be non-Sunday cultural classes, for details, please see http://www.bostoncccc.org/v2/classinfo.aspx. To register, please log in: http://www.bostoncccc.org/registration/login.aspx Choose weekend/weekday, you can see all the online courses offered during the summer. After completing the registration, please print out your registration form and payment slip and send it to the following address together with the check. Each class needs 5 or more enrollment to start the class. If less than 5, CCCC will adjust accordingly. For inquiries, please email: info@cambridgechineseschool.org

Mailing Address:
Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture c/o Sunday Program
P.O Box 541598
776 Main St., Waltham, MA 02451-9998

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