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09/28/2013: 剑桥中国文化中心《沃森中国文化日》
贴于 11/7/2013 2:35:45 PM

2013 剑桥中文学校暑期毕业典礼
贴于 11/7/2013 2:24:40 PM

贴于 8/26/2012 6:02:09 PM

贴于 8/25/2012 7:49:18 PM

贴于 8/25/2012 7:45:33 PM

北京學生讚波城 好像童話書
贴于 8/25/2012 7:41:49 PM

贴于 8/15/2012 12:28:40 PM

贴于 7/20/2012 2:24:06 PM

李阳入选美国队 参加世乒赛成绩闪亮
贴于 4/29/2012 2:43:10 PM

Donate Your Clothing to BBBS Foundation
贴于 10/19/2011 8:17:18 PM
Your Used Clothing Can Change the Lives of Young Children

The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation will be in your neighborhood next week picking up donations of used clothing, household items, books, shoes and toys. The Foundation uses these items to help fund the work of Big Brother Big Sister mentoring programs across the state. Young children in the surrounding area will benefit from the programs, which have a direct impact on your community. Youth that participate in our programs are less likely to skip school, use illegal drugs or alcohol, get along better with their families and are getting better grades in science, reading and math.
We pickup right at your home. We will take:

Used Clothing
Linens and curtains
Books (No textbooks or encyclopedias)
Small toys and games
Small household items
Electronics.....for a fee (Call for details)
Making a donation is free and easy. You can call us at 1-800-483-5503. Call us at the number above and a staff member will setup your pickup.

Calling over the the weekend? Just leave a message and we'll call you back Monday morning.
Thank you for your support. Your donations truly change the lives of young children in and across the Commonwealth.

世界冠军之路 田妤倩梦想成真
贴于 10/18/2011 10:17:27 PM

贴于 8/28/2011 2:21:12 PM

水立方杯歌曲大賽 4人晉複賽
贴于 6/8/2011 10:55:15 PM

北京侨办主任会见董事长纪虎民一行, 研讨华教工作
贴于 6/1/2011 10:31:41 AM

禪武醫傳人 親授心法
贴于 4/16/2011 11:22:12 PM

Waltham公共图书馆的报道: 夕阳红兔年春节联欢会
贴于 3/4/2011 12:24:36 PM

贴于 2/18/2011 11:47:00 AM

贴于 2/18/2011 11:45:33 AM

<<人民日报>>发表: 中文教育对美国社会贡献不容忽视
贴于 12/7/2010 9:49:12 AM

综述:外籍华人成为中国居留新政最大受益群体 中新社
贴于 6/14/2010 3:46:17 PM


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