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Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture Mentorship Program 2009-2010

The Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture (CCCC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Mentorship Program, co-sponsored by the CCCC Executive Board and Alumni Board. The program aims to connect old and new students of the school in order to benefit the mentors with leadership and advising experience, and the mentees with academic, extracurricular, and career advice, as well as a new friend.

Events will include panels on different colleges and careers, workshops to brainstorm how to find an internship/full-time job, mock interviews for college admissions and recruiting, career exploratory trips, as well as social gatherings to foster a sense of community.

We encourage all eligible students to participate!

I. How it Works
Potential alumni mentors and potential student mentees complete surveys covering educational background, extracurricular activities, professional industry, geographic location, and personal interests.

Mentees will be matched based on these criteria by the Mentorship Committee, which will select a mentor who most closely matches their needs.

Mentor pairs are encouraged to connect at least once a month by phone, e-mail, or in person. Participation is expected for one year, with the hope that the relationship will continue over a lifetime.

We are currently accepting mentee applications from students in Grades 6-12, who have enrolled for a minimum of two years in the CCCC Afterschool Program, a minimum of two years in the Weekend Program, or a minimum of 14 weeks in the Summer School. As our alumni base expands over the next few years, we hope to open the program up to all students enrolled at the Chinese School.

II. Program Expectations
After receiving notification of a match, students will be responsible for making the first connection. Alumnae mentors will be notified of their student match and should expect to hear from their student within one week of this announcement.

Alumnae and students should agree on a regular check-in method and should plan to communicate at least once a month, by phone, e-mail or in person.

Students are expected to make every effort to meet in person, should they find themselves in your region. Alternatively, you should attempt to schedule a meeting with your student if you are local or if your travels bring you to Boston.

III. Get Involved
We are currently seeking mentors and mentees for the 2009-2010 academic year. If interested, please email us CCCCMentorship@gmail.com

剑桥中国文化中心校友会 Mentorship 项目介绍

剑桥中文学校校友会成立于2002年,由曾经在剑桥中文学校学习过目前已进入高校或工作的老校友组成.在董事会支持下, 校友会推出一个新的Mentorship项目。通过该项目,老校友将与在校同学结成一对一的合作关系。通过多种途径加强新老学生之间的联系。 老校友将结合自己在美国的人生道路,将自己的经验,体会以至教训传授给在校的小同学们,使他们对未来的社交,升学,实习, 求职和创业等即将面临的各方面有所准备和启发。

一. 如何运作
项目将在已升入高校和工作的老校友中选择辅导员——Mentor, 在学龄6-12年级的同学中选择学员Mentee。由于名额有限,首批Mentee只在中文学校课后班, 周日班学习2年以上,在暑期班学习14周以上的学生中选择。希望成为Mentee的学员需填写项目申请表。申请表的内容包括个人兴趣,居住位置,教育背景等。 项目将根据学员的情况和需求为他们选择合适的Mentor。 Mentor和Mentee结成对子后,项目希望他们之间每月至少有一次的电话,电子邮件,或会面的联系。 项目每期一学年。如两方同意,可以延续。

二. 项目的执行
项目将会向成为Mentee的同学和成为Mentor发出书面通知,Mentee应在1周内与他们的Mentor联系。Mentor和Mentee应在首次联系中制定他们之间联系的方法 和计划。通过电话,电子邮件或会面,保持每月至少一次的联系。如果双方居住在同一城市,项目希望他们面谈。如双方不在同一城市, 项目也希望他们利用假期或旅行的机会相互见面。

三. 报名:
我们目前正在选择2009-2010学年的Mentorship Program的学员. 如有兴趣,请与我们联系:: CCCCMentorship@gmail.com

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